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About Zeus WPI

Zeus WPI is the student association for Computer Science at Ghent University. Our goal is to provide a stimulating environment for motivated students looking to expand their skills by engaging in interesting real-world projects.

We organize various tech related events, such as talks by experts, hands-on coding events and introductory lectures for interesting technologies. Together we build applications for Ghent University students (Hydra), for 12urenloop and of course for ourselves.

2024-03-09 • Jasper Devreker • Solution of the 'Additional problems' cryptography challenge

Title: Additional Problems Category: cryptography Points: 500 Solves: 2 Description: Version 1.0 of our new encryption service has just launched! It is blazingly fast and uses state-of-the-art encryption. Stay tuned for version 2.0; I hear it will bring tons of improvements and security fixes. Download challenge files Access the server via nc IP_ADDRESS PORT (the server is now down, but you can run it yourself) Introduction This challenge proved to be among the hardest challenges at ...

2023-12-07 • Jasper Devreker • Reverse engineering the ESP32 Wi-Fi receive registers and showing off a proof-of-concept

This is the second article in a series about reverse engineering the ESP32 Wi-Fi networking stack, with the goal of building our own open-source MAC layer. In the previous article in this series, we built static and dynamic analysis tools for reverse engineering. We also started reverse engineering the transmit path of sending packets, and concluded with a rough roadmap and a call for contributors. In this part, we’ll continue reverse engineering, starting with the ‘receiving packets’ functi...

2023-12-06 • Jasper Devreker • Reverse engineering the ESP32 Wi-Fi hardware registers

(This is part 1 of this series, part 2 is here) The ESP32 is a popular microcontroller known in the maker community for its low price (~ €5) and useful features: it has a dual-core CPU, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and 520 KB of RAM. It is also used commercially, in devices ranging from smart CO₂-meters to industrial automation controllers. Most of the software development kit that is used to program for the ESP32 is open-source, except notably the wireless bits (Wi-Fi, Bluetoo...

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